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Title: Curious
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: anal, oral, rim, frot, porn-watching, m/m, masturbation... think that's it.
Summary: Raidou wonders if there's more to gay sex than he knows about, and looks to Genma's porn stash for inspiration.

This is the fourth in a connected series of one-shots, (Answers, Fill the Silence, and Mess are the first three, if you like to read things in order. ^_^) But it is a PWP, as all of them are to some degree, and can definitely be read by itself. For julis. <3

It's funny how quickly things can change sometimes... )
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^__^ So, [profile] fuyu_no_akegata posted a great holiday challenge, and it inspired me into a frenzy of porn-writing. I'm posting this as speed-porn, no editing aside from spell-checking, because it feels more like a Thanksgiving fic than a Christmas one, and I wanted to post it today!

Thanks for the great prompt, fuyu! And if this isn't *exactly* what you were suggesting, well, I think it's close enough. ^__^

Title: Mess
Characters: Genma, Raidou, Raidou's family (don't get your hopes up - they don't have sex with Raidou's family. OR DO THEY?)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: anal, oral, alcohol, sex in a non-private place, questionable use of cooking supplies, OCs whose first names I ganked from Naruto seiyuus
Summary: You know you hate family dinners sometimes - Raidou does too. But the evening gets much more interesting when it comes time to do the dishes.

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...and I need a new journal layout. I don't like this one, but I can never find a different one I like. I just wish the text window on this one was narrower, is all. O_o
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Can't get these guys out of my head. Quick GenRai kinda pwp. Doing my part to make Mondays Prondays!
This falls a short time after Answers.

Warnings: Toys, masturbation, anal
Rating: NC-17

Fill the Silence )
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I do love some Genma/Raidou. ^_^ My friend julis requested some GenRai from me, gave me this scenario involving a pervy Genma, his straight room-mate Raidou, and some voyeurism. I meant it to be a few pictures, and a SHORT light-R-Rated pwp, but my brain took that and RAN with it. So. Have a pornfic!

Title: Answers
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Anal, Oral, Voyeurism, Alcohol, Language, First-person POV, Graphic mansex.
Summary: Genma resolved early on that he'd never put the moves on his best friend, Raidou. And he kept that promise - until, one night, he couldn't any longer. Pre-canon, early twenties Genma and Raidou.

Answers )


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