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Happy New Year, everybody!

Last year, my art resolution was to try new things, and ehhhh, I kind of did? I was mildly successful, lol.

This year, my art resolution is to create at least one piece of traditional art per month. \o/ I've set up a little art corner and everything.

I started with something small--I wanted to paint a new icon. I picked Chad to do, because he's the most fun to draw right now.

I finished it today! :D Now I can't decide on which version to use. Now that I see them on this computer, I like the fourth one the best.

I took pictures along the way, so I'm posting the process WIP shots, plus the final version before I cropped it down.

About a dozen pictures, SFW )

All in all though, it was good practice, and I'm not too unhappy with my first painted thing in over a decade XD I did keep trying to hit undo, and I miss my layers, but when I did paint back in high school, I really *liked* it. It's messy and tactile and fluid, and I think there's a disconnect with digital art that isn't there with traditional.

Traditional can be EXPENSIVE though :o I've been keeping an eye out at thrift stores for things I can use, and I've found some good stuff already. Once I get a lot of practice in and feel like I've leveled up once or twice, I'll probably need to save some money and get higher quality supplies. But right now, I'm just messing around, so the cheap paper and brushes I have are totally fine :3 I'll eventually get watercolors too, and from what I hear Liquitex is a good brand that's actually pretty inexpensive. It's oils that I dread. Maybe I'll save oils for next year XD
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Hello livejournal!

I have been out of touch for a while. I hope all of you are doing well, and surviving this holiday season!

blabbity blah blah, mental health issues blah )

Other than that, I've been listening to a lot of Elbow and Queens of the Stone Age, amateurishly crocheting scarves, and, I keep forgetting the name of this game. Which is ironic. Because it's called *looks it up* Amnesia(the Dark Descent) lolol

Also, I've made a new account on Dreamwidth, just because. If you are there and want to friend me, I am :)


Feb. 20th, 2011 02:24 pm
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1) First off, hello new friends from y!gallery! <3 I am so relieved that the scare got sorted out :D And it's nice to have contact with lots of you elsewhere, too! I may poke you and ask you what your y!gal handle was, lol, because I am so bad with names XD

2) Livestreaming stuff! If you've not heard of livestreaming, it's a program/thingy that lets you stream your desktop online. I do this occasionally while I'm drawing in photoshop :) If you'd be interested in watching, you can go to this journal entry and track the first comment in the entry - I reply to that comment when I start a stream, so you'll get the notification :) (Please be aware that what I draw/stream is often NSFW, and the chat conversations can occasionally get a little wild XD)

3) I changed my default icon, and it was RIDICULOUS how hard it was. I have had either Kakashi or Sasuke as my defaults for three years now, I believe. I actually felt so guilty when I made the switch.

But Naruto as a fandom has been less and less fun/interesting for me, and I am all up in Bleach these days. I may eventually fall back into Naruto, but it's time to admit to myself that it's not my primary fandom anymore, and that Kakashi/Sasuke is no longer my favorite pairing. BIG SIGH. Why does this make me feel so bad? XD I don't know! I feel like I've been cheating on my OTP for a year, and I'm finally coming clean and moving in with the new one, lol, so I guess it's kind of a relief that way. Does anyone else feel this guilty feeling when they switch fandoms? XD

4) Default icon melodrama aside, I am so glad it's finally warming up outside. It's been just beautiful. One day, the snow was so high we couldn't get out of our driveway, the next day it melted, and the day after that, it was too warm outside for my hoodie. Crazy! I'm loving it, though.

5) And I'm moving again! XD It will be pretty soon. It's a close move (literally a stone's throw away!), but the packing and unpacking and cleaning is the time-consuming stuff, anyway. I'm still working through my commissions waiting list, so if you are on it, I haven't forgotten you! I'm just a bit behind, and I'm trying to play catch up in between r/l stuff.
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*has a party in my pants* It's crazy that it's been that long, wow.

What's up, LJ? :D 

Man, both of my fandoms have epic shit going down... Wednesdays make my head asplode, these days XDcut for *very* mild Naruto spoilers ) Which brings me to my next point: my sketch journal. I have been neglecting that thing! Partially because I think I was going about it the wrong way - My goal was to draw every day, and I am happy to report that I haven't missed a day this year :D However, that journal was making me weird... for some reason, I had it in my head that I needed to *post* every day, too. And I don't really like posting every day, it feels really spammy sometimes.

But but! I've figured it out :D Now, [ profile] imlidraws  is going to be my art journal. Meaning, I'm not going to post art here (this one will be for fic and the occasional R/L entry and socializing, which is basically what it already was :D) ... which is fine with me, because sometimes I felt weird about that, too. But if I'm posting to a designated art journal, it'll be okay :D I'll probably post things in batches, though I'll sometimes post just one picture, if it's a loner. So pretty soon I'm going to do a small KakaSasu art-post there.

I just made a Sado/Ishida picture-post - 5 pictures (totally NSFW!) Mannnn, I don't know how I fell so hard for this pairing, but it's my new fandom obsession. Here's a safe-for-work picture (not by me - I wish I knew who did it so I could rummage through their stuff!) that just makes me melt every time I look at it ;_; It's crazy, how little art and fic there is for this pairing. I've only found a handful of fics - but MAN are they good. Goddamn. ♥

...if you watch both of my journals + [info]bleach_yaoi  + [info]chad_ishida , I'm so sorry for the f-list spam! ^^;
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Hello there f-list! :D I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, and I hope you all have a happy New Year! It's been a strange year for me... some really awesome things have happened, but quite a few not-so-awesome things, as well. Hopefully next year will be less, uh, hectic.

I posted a journal entry a while back about my New Year's Resolution - while I usually don't really see the need to make one, I thought that this year, it would be nice to give it a shot. So my plan is to draw every day - and to motivate myself, I was going to start a sketch-journal. Well, I looked around, and while blogger seemed like a good one, I decided to just stick with LJ, because I already know the format.

So! I have a sketch journal now! [ profile] imlidraws , ha ha, I'm so great at picking usernames XD

A couple of people expressed an interest in whatever i decided to do, but if anyone wants to watch that journal, I'll watch ya back ^^ And feel free to unwatch as you see fit, because I DO plan on trying to post something every day, even if it's not actually GOOD stuff XD I've been posting every day for about a week - a few old things, some new - just to get into the habit of it. I do a lot of 'splainin on my profile, because uh, I just want to get the disclaimers all out of the way XD;;

How you doin, f-list? Is anybody else making New Years Resolutions? Anybody doing any partying? I'm not... but I do plan on partying with my tablet on New Years Eve, because omg, I can totally sit down now :D :D :D Only for  like, half an hour at a time, but that's actually really awesome to me - I haven't been able to sit at all since the very beginning of December. Yaaaaaay! ^___^
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I'm actually going to make a New Years Resolution this year! ^___^

I'd like to try to draw something every day - even if I'm not feeling particularly inspired, and even if it's just drawn on the back of an envelope or something XD To help keep myself motivated, I think it would be a good idea to set up an art blog, or sketch journal, or whatever you want to call it, so that I can post my things, and feel happy :)

I don't want to do it through livejournal, I don't think - I don't want to spam my lj friends every day with silly doodles, lol (I actually get embarrassed when I post a lot - does anybody else get that? What is that? XD I'm actually kind of embarrassed right now, but my ten-days-of-bedrest-and-counting-boredom outweighs it, so.) And if I set up a new account, I don't remember if non-paid members have access to the Scrapbook - and I know photobucket will delete a lot of things I might want to post.

Do any of you have an art blog? If so - what site do you use? Is it adult-content-friendly? Is it pretty easy to get the hang of posting?

Even if you don't have one yourself, and have just heard of a good one, let me know, and I can look it up :)

Also - what is up with livejournal today? I made two posts, and in each one, lj totally ate my line breaks, and i had to type them in in the html editor. And THEN, because I didn't take the warning ^^;;; I decided to edit my fanfic index entry. Yeah. That thing's all screwed up now >_< Is anybody else having problems with that? edit: Baaah ha ha, it happened to this one too! :o


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