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Hello friends!

I've been gone from this account for so long! Wow. I really did disappear for a long time.

But these days I've been feeling drawn to some of my old fandoms, and some new stuff I've been reading and watching. A year or so I made a new LJ account, I did it to kind of compartmentalize my fandom life, because I got heavily into SPN. I was primarily into anime/manga/illustrated fandoms for years before that though, and that's what I feel myself gravitating towards right this minute. That, and OCs, which feel like fit better in this category. So I'll be spending some time at this account. I'm not abandoning SPN at all! We're just kind of seeing other people, haha. I've also been watching Teen Wolf, so who knows if there will be TW fan stuff happening at that account.

If you're interested in checking out my live-action fandom stuff, I'm at [ profile] badbastion on LJ, thebadbastion on tumblr, and badbastion on y!gallery (you have to have a y!gallery account to access that last one.) So the plan is that I'll be around here, I'll be around there, and I hope to be more in contact with my friends at both accounts :)

And, my friending policy has always been that I have no problem with people friending me and unfriending me at will. I don't track unfriendings, so if you think we're no longer compatible, or that my interests are outside the scope of yours these days, please don't hesitate to unfriend me! I plan to upload some of my Bleach backlog here over the next while, so I wouldn't want to clutter up your flist if you don't want me there :) I'll probably watch my flist for a while and see whose stuff I have no interest in as well, so if I unfriend you, it's no hard feelings, I promise.

I've missed this account!


Feb. 20th, 2011 02:24 pm
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1) First off, hello new friends from y!gallery! <3 I am so relieved that the scare got sorted out :D And it's nice to have contact with lots of you elsewhere, too! I may poke you and ask you what your y!gal handle was, lol, because I am so bad with names XD

2) Livestreaming stuff! If you've not heard of livestreaming, it's a program/thingy that lets you stream your desktop online. I do this occasionally while I'm drawing in photoshop :) If you'd be interested in watching, you can go to this journal entry and track the first comment in the entry - I reply to that comment when I start a stream, so you'll get the notification :) (Please be aware that what I draw/stream is often NSFW, and the chat conversations can occasionally get a little wild XD)

3) I changed my default icon, and it was RIDICULOUS how hard it was. I have had either Kakashi or Sasuke as my defaults for three years now, I believe. I actually felt so guilty when I made the switch.

But Naruto as a fandom has been less and less fun/interesting for me, and I am all up in Bleach these days. I may eventually fall back into Naruto, but it's time to admit to myself that it's not my primary fandom anymore, and that Kakashi/Sasuke is no longer my favorite pairing. BIG SIGH. Why does this make me feel so bad? XD I don't know! I feel like I've been cheating on my OTP for a year, and I'm finally coming clean and moving in with the new one, lol, so I guess it's kind of a relief that way. Does anyone else feel this guilty feeling when they switch fandoms? XD

4) Default icon melodrama aside, I am so glad it's finally warming up outside. It's been just beautiful. One day, the snow was so high we couldn't get out of our driveway, the next day it melted, and the day after that, it was too warm outside for my hoodie. Crazy! I'm loving it, though.

5) And I'm moving again! XD It will be pretty soon. It's a close move (literally a stone's throw away!), but the packing and unpacking and cleaning is the time-consuming stuff, anyway. I'm still working through my commissions waiting list, so if you are on it, I haven't forgotten you! I'm just a bit behind, and I'm trying to play catch up in between r/l stuff.
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My first poll XD )

I totally thought I had more non-Naruto/non-Bleach pairings! :o And man, now I wanna read some Sado/Uryuu fic like BURNING. Where is it??? *sadface*
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The thing is, I'm feeling like writing smut, but don't feel like writing all the build-up that usually leads to it. I've looked around at some Bleach and Naruto kinkmemes, but can't seem to find any prompts that inspire me! I have a feeling, judging by the appalling number of unanswered prompts on those memes, that many others feel the same.

Sooo, I'm going to do it in my journal XD I don't know how this'll work, but let's give it a try! It could totally bomb... or it could be a lot of fun for several people, who knows!

Of course, it's not just for me - it's for everybody! If someone leaves a prompt that really does it for me, I'll give it a shot, that goes without saying ^_^=b But if you see a prompt you like, write it!
If you, like me, didn't sign up for any holiday exchanges, you can see this as a chance to give the gift of porn to some friends, or possibly strangers ^__^ I don't have a huge f-list, so invite your friends - pimp it if you want to ♥

So, here we go

1) Comment here with a character or pairing + a kink (or a non-kinky prompt is okay, too ^^ Bleach or Naruto fandom and not to step on any toes, but let's keep the NaruSasuNaru and KakaIru to a minimum plz - you can find those eeeeverywhere!)

2) Look through others' prompts, find one (or more) you like, and reply to it. (anywhere from a few sentences to a few pages, and art is fine too!)

3) No need to claim any prompts beforehand - multiple prompt-fills are totally fine ^^

4) Go anonymous or stay logged in, it's up to you :) I've turned IP logging off.

That's pretty much it XD Let's do it! Chatter/inspiration/idea ping-pong in the comments is absolutely encouraged! If your prompt isn't getting answered, go invite more friends! :D

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So, I've been reading Bleach. I'm digging it - I'm up to about Chapter 280 in the manga.

At first, I was like YEAH THIS IS GOOD! :D but I didn't really feel any art or fic urges.


Something happened in the past day or two. Aizen and Gin, Jeeeesus. Whenever they're on a page together, I just wanna... I don't know. Make them do things to each other XD I don't want to read it so much as I want to imagine it - I am afraid to read it, really, as I fear fic with them would be all fluffy and 'seme/uke' in a way that I just don't see. I'll probably succumb and find something to read, though XD Aizen, whyyyyy are you so freaking sexy?

And Mayuri absolutely FASCINATES me. I can't wait until he shows up again in the manga, with his King-Tut look ^^

Also, I haven't been able to draw (anything that doesn't look like crap, anyway) for the past few days, which kinda sucks, especially since I have a few commissions I'm working on :/ I'll just read more Bleach, and I'll try again later :D

Hey guys

Sep. 28th, 2009 09:30 pm
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Sooooo, I'm running a Kakashi/Sasuke fanwork exchange over at [ profile] copycock - and I just realized I hadn't posted about it in my own journal XD

Everyone is invited to participate! Here's the journal with information, and the deadline for signing up is in two days - pretty much midnight on September 30. But that's plenty of time to come up with a prompt, right? :D Completed pieces will be due on November 30th - plenty of time!

You don't have to be a member of copycock - and it's not necessary that we've spoken before, either ^__^ If you're interested, please sign up! I'd love to have more people involved <3


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