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Hello friends!

I've been gone from this account for so long! Wow. I really did disappear for a long time.

But these days I've been feeling drawn to some of my old fandoms, and some new stuff I've been reading and watching. A year or so I made a new LJ account, I did it to kind of compartmentalize my fandom life, because I got heavily into SPN. I was primarily into anime/manga/illustrated fandoms for years before that though, and that's what I feel myself gravitating towards right this minute. That, and OCs, which feel like fit better in this category. So I'll be spending some time at this account. I'm not abandoning SPN at all! We're just kind of seeing other people, haha. I've also been watching Teen Wolf, so who knows if there will be TW fan stuff happening at that account.

If you're interested in checking out my live-action fandom stuff, I'm at [ profile] badbastion on LJ, thebadbastion on tumblr, and badbastion on y!gallery (you have to have a y!gallery account to access that last one.) So the plan is that I'll be around here, I'll be around there, and I hope to be more in contact with my friends at both accounts :)

And, my friending policy has always been that I have no problem with people friending me and unfriending me at will. I don't track unfriendings, so if you think we're no longer compatible, or that my interests are outside the scope of yours these days, please don't hesitate to unfriend me! I plan to upload some of my Bleach backlog here over the next while, so I wouldn't want to clutter up your flist if you don't want me there :) I'll probably watch my flist for a while and see whose stuff I have no interest in as well, so if I unfriend you, it's no hard feelings, I promise.

I've missed this account!
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Hello there f-list! :D I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, and I hope you all have a happy New Year! It's been a strange year for me... some really awesome things have happened, but quite a few not-so-awesome things, as well. Hopefully next year will be less, uh, hectic.

I posted a journal entry a while back about my New Year's Resolution - while I usually don't really see the need to make one, I thought that this year, it would be nice to give it a shot. So my plan is to draw every day - and to motivate myself, I was going to start a sketch-journal. Well, I looked around, and while blogger seemed like a good one, I decided to just stick with LJ, because I already know the format.

So! I have a sketch journal now! [ profile] imlidraws , ha ha, I'm so great at picking usernames XD

A couple of people expressed an interest in whatever i decided to do, but if anyone wants to watch that journal, I'll watch ya back ^^ And feel free to unwatch as you see fit, because I DO plan on trying to post something every day, even if it's not actually GOOD stuff XD I've been posting every day for about a week - a few old things, some new - just to get into the habit of it. I do a lot of 'splainin on my profile, because uh, I just want to get the disclaimers all out of the way XD;;

How you doin, f-list? Is anybody else making New Years Resolutions? Anybody doing any partying? I'm not... but I do plan on partying with my tablet on New Years Eve, because omg, I can totally sit down now :D :D :D Only for  like, half an hour at a time, but that's actually really awesome to me - I haven't been able to sit at all since the very beginning of December. Yaaaaaay! ^___^


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