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Happy New Year, everybody!

Last year, my art resolution was to try new things, and ehhhh, I kind of did? I was mildly successful, lol.

This year, my art resolution is to create at least one piece of traditional art per month. \o/ I've set up a little art corner and everything.

I started with something small--I wanted to paint a new icon. I picked Chad to do, because he's the most fun to draw right now.

I finished it today! :D Now I can't decide on which version to use. Now that I see them on this computer, I like the fourth one the best.

I took pictures along the way, so I'm posting the process WIP shots, plus the final version before I cropped it down.

About a dozen pictures, SFW )

All in all though, it was good practice, and I'm not too unhappy with my first painted thing in over a decade XD I did keep trying to hit undo, and I miss my layers, but when I did paint back in high school, I really *liked* it. It's messy and tactile and fluid, and I think there's a disconnect with digital art that isn't there with traditional.

Traditional can be EXPENSIVE though :o I've been keeping an eye out at thrift stores for things I can use, and I've found some good stuff already. Once I get a lot of practice in and feel like I've leveled up once or twice, I'll probably need to save some money and get higher quality supplies. But right now, I'm just messing around, so the cheap paper and brushes I have are totally fine :3 I'll eventually get watercolors too, and from what I hear Liquitex is a good brand that's actually pretty inexpensive. It's oils that I dread. Maybe I'll save oils for next year XD


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