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Forgot to post this to my actual journal :)

Title: Thank you for the flowers
Artist: imlikat/imlithing
Rating: PG for PDA
Pairing: Sado/Ishida

Happy Valentine's Day! )
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Content: 14 fanarts plus a sketchy bj comic, mostly Sado/Ishida (Orihime also appears), mostly colored.
Warnings: This post is NSFW! Graphic nudity (anal & oral) has been thumbnailed, but non-graphic nudity and suggestive poses/themes are still to be found. Plus Mario cosplay.
Under the cut :{D )

Aaand, I am trying to figure out if I'm going to get rid of my art journal and just post fanart to this one when I feel like posting. Hmmmm!
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*has a party in my pants* It's crazy that it's been that long, wow.

What's up, LJ? :D 

Man, both of my fandoms have epic shit going down... Wednesdays make my head asplode, these days XDcut for *very* mild Naruto spoilers ) Which brings me to my next point: my sketch journal. I have been neglecting that thing! Partially because I think I was going about it the wrong way - My goal was to draw every day, and I am happy to report that I haven't missed a day this year :D However, that journal was making me weird... for some reason, I had it in my head that I needed to *post* every day, too. And I don't really like posting every day, it feels really spammy sometimes.

But but! I've figured it out :D Now, [ profile] imlidraws  is going to be my art journal. Meaning, I'm not going to post art here (this one will be for fic and the occasional R/L entry and socializing, which is basically what it already was :D) ... which is fine with me, because sometimes I felt weird about that, too. But if I'm posting to a designated art journal, it'll be okay :D I'll probably post things in batches, though I'll sometimes post just one picture, if it's a loner. So pretty soon I'm going to do a small KakaSasu art-post there.

I just made a Sado/Ishida picture-post - 5 pictures (totally NSFW!) Mannnn, I don't know how I fell so hard for this pairing, but it's my new fandom obsession. Here's a safe-for-work picture (not by me - I wish I knew who did it so I could rummage through their stuff!) that just makes me melt every time I look at it ;_; It's crazy, how little art and fic there is for this pairing. I've only found a handful of fics - but MAN are they good. Goddamn. ♥

...if you watch both of my journals + [info]bleach_yaoi  + [info]chad_ishida , I'm so sorry for the f-list spam! ^^;
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Title: Gracias a Dios + Afternoon
Pairing: Sado/Ishida (implied)
Warnings: none, really? except for implied slash and MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF FLUFF
Rating: PG

Fluuuuuuufffffffff )
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The thing is, I'm feeling like writing smut, but don't feel like writing all the build-up that usually leads to it. I've looked around at some Bleach and Naruto kinkmemes, but can't seem to find any prompts that inspire me! I have a feeling, judging by the appalling number of unanswered prompts on those memes, that many others feel the same.

Sooo, I'm going to do it in my journal XD I don't know how this'll work, but let's give it a try! It could totally bomb... or it could be a lot of fun for several people, who knows!

Of course, it's not just for me - it's for everybody! If someone leaves a prompt that really does it for me, I'll give it a shot, that goes without saying ^_^=b But if you see a prompt you like, write it!
If you, like me, didn't sign up for any holiday exchanges, you can see this as a chance to give the gift of porn to some friends, or possibly strangers ^__^ I don't have a huge f-list, so invite your friends - pimp it if you want to ♥

So, here we go

1) Comment here with a character or pairing + a kink (or a non-kinky prompt is okay, too ^^ Bleach or Naruto fandom and not to step on any toes, but let's keep the NaruSasuNaru and KakaIru to a minimum plz - you can find those eeeeverywhere!)

2) Look through others' prompts, find one (or more) you like, and reply to it. (anywhere from a few sentences to a few pages, and art is fine too!)

3) No need to claim any prompts beforehand - multiple prompt-fills are totally fine ^^

4) Go anonymous or stay logged in, it's up to you :) I've turned IP logging off.

That's pretty much it XD Let's do it! Chatter/inspiration/idea ping-pong in the comments is absolutely encouraged! If your prompt isn't getting answered, go invite more friends! :D

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I have a few more Bleach arts. 2 Sado/Ishida sketches (very very rough, and very NSFW) and two uh, Pesche pictures that I posted on WTF Wednesday @ [ profile] capslock_bleach .

Warnings: explicit anal, clothed erections... and then a Pesche pinup and spoof of the famous Coppertone ad.

Perhaps I should have made two separate posts XD )


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