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Hello friends!

I've been gone from this account for so long! Wow. I really did disappear for a long time.

But these days I've been feeling drawn to some of my old fandoms, and some new stuff I've been reading and watching. A year or so I made a new LJ account, I did it to kind of compartmentalize my fandom life, because I got heavily into SPN. I was primarily into anime/manga/illustrated fandoms for years before that though, and that's what I feel myself gravitating towards right this minute. That, and OCs, which feel like fit better in this category. So I'll be spending some time at this account. I'm not abandoning SPN at all! We're just kind of seeing other people, haha. I've also been watching Teen Wolf, so who knows if there will be TW fan stuff happening at that account.

If you're interested in checking out my live-action fandom stuff, I'm at [ profile] badbastion on LJ, thebadbastion on tumblr, and badbastion on y!gallery (you have to have a y!gallery account to access that last one.) So the plan is that I'll be around here, I'll be around there, and I hope to be more in contact with my friends at both accounts :)

And, my friending policy has always been that I have no problem with people friending me and unfriending me at will. I don't track unfriendings, so if you think we're no longer compatible, or that my interests are outside the scope of yours these days, please don't hesitate to unfriend me! I plan to upload some of my Bleach backlog here over the next while, so I wouldn't want to clutter up your flist if you don't want me there :) I'll probably watch my flist for a while and see whose stuff I have no interest in as well, so if I unfriend you, it's no hard feelings, I promise.

I've missed this account!
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Forgot to post this to my actual journal :)

Title: Thank you for the flowers
Artist: imlikat/imlithing
Rating: PG for PDA
Pairing: Sado/Ishida

Happy Valentine's Day! )
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Looks like y!gallery is down!

Saturday, February 11, 2012, 1:32 PM Pacific

Due to a hard drive failure, the site is closed until this issue is resolved. I would like to kindly remind our members that we're an old site that has not done a server upgrade in 5+ years... Donations to help for a better site and upgrade would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, Feburary 11, 2012, 4:36 PM Pacific

Appropriate action has been raised with our hosting provider. Rest assured, the hard drive failure has not caused a total and complete data loss.

I have found out in the course of fixing this issue with our hosting provider, that we will have to move the server to another data center with a new server. So we will be migrating the data from one server to another. Sorry folks, but we'll be back online as soon as we can, but unfortunately that may take awhile.

However, there are places you can go.

Here is this [ profile] ygalfriends comm, with a friending meme. Maybe you can find some of your friends there.

Here is this [ profile] y_sanctuary community. Not much has been done with it, but maybe more will be now that the site is down.

Here is this chat room. Sometimes there are people in it, sometimes there are not!

Here is the y!gallery twitter account for news.

And this is just mine: when I stream, I'll post to this journal entry. track the comment if you want notifications :)

If you have relevant links or news please leave them in this journal entry. Also feel free to link to this. Hopefully y! will be back up and running soon! :)
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Happy New Year, everybody!

Last year, my art resolution was to try new things, and ehhhh, I kind of did? I was mildly successful, lol.

This year, my art resolution is to create at least one piece of traditional art per month. \o/ I've set up a little art corner and everything.

I started with something small--I wanted to paint a new icon. I picked Chad to do, because he's the most fun to draw right now.

I finished it today! :D Now I can't decide on which version to use. Now that I see them on this computer, I like the fourth one the best.

I took pictures along the way, so I'm posting the process WIP shots, plus the final version before I cropped it down.

About a dozen pictures, SFW )

All in all though, it was good practice, and I'm not too unhappy with my first painted thing in over a decade XD I did keep trying to hit undo, and I miss my layers, but when I did paint back in high school, I really *liked* it. It's messy and tactile and fluid, and I think there's a disconnect with digital art that isn't there with traditional.

Traditional can be EXPENSIVE though :o I've been keeping an eye out at thrift stores for things I can use, and I've found some good stuff already. Once I get a lot of practice in and feel like I've leveled up once or twice, I'll probably need to save some money and get higher quality supplies. But right now, I'm just messing around, so the cheap paper and brushes I have are totally fine :3 I'll eventually get watercolors too, and from what I hear Liquitex is a good brand that's actually pretty inexpensive. It's oils that I dread. Maybe I'll save oils for next year XD
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Hello livejournal!

I have been out of touch for a while. I hope all of you are doing well, and surviving this holiday season!

blabbity blah blah, mental health issues blah )

Other than that, I've been listening to a lot of Elbow and Queens of the Stone Age, amateurishly crocheting scarves, and, I keep forgetting the name of this game. Which is ironic. Because it's called *looks it up* Amnesia(the Dark Descent) lolol

Also, I've made a new account on Dreamwidth, just because. If you are there and want to friend me, I am :)


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