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A while back, I posted a big KakaSasu art dump. Well, here's another one, only smaller! These are the ones I've done since then :D

Nine pictures, ratings from G to NC-17. NSFW! Warnings, for (pretty graphic) anal, oral, fingering, penises and other nudity. Kakashi/Sasuke and Sasuke/Kakashi

Sasuke is intended to be over the age of consent in all of these. These have been posted at y!gallery, just not on lj, so my apologies if you've already seen them :)

Thumbnails, so click for the bigger image.  )
I'm still trying to figure out how I should handle posting art on LJ. Been here three years, still not sure! I don't like posting just one picture by itself, unless it's a gift for someone, or something I'm just REALLY proud of. Maybe I'll just keep doing it like this XD I might, after a few days, put these in with the big KakaSasu art post, I dunno.
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This was written for a prompt at the kinkmeme:

Kakashi/Sasuke, in which one of them is injured or altered in some way, up to and including full-body incapacitation, and the other takes advantage of the opportunity. Consensual is preferred, and this could just as easily be Sasuke/Kakashi. Bonus points for IC sniping :D

So! There are your warnings, and it's rated NC-17-ish. About 5500 words.

Sasuke has never heard Kakashi scream, before. )
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In honor of Sasuke's birthday XD, I have gotten him a Kakashi. Kind of.

This picture is reasonably worksafe, only warnings would be for a shirtless man and some pre-smooching. And fluff. FLUFF.

It's accompanied by a short piece that [ profile] frackin_sweet wrote, because I think it makes the picture a whole lot better ^___^

Am I distracting you? )

and, on a partially related topic, [ profile] copycock is running a kink meme, and a general meme ^__^ So, if you've ever had the urge to write some KakaSasu but don't want to put your name on it, go look at some of the prompts!! Or, leave a prompt of your own! It's all anonymous, so no-one will know how much a perv you are XD And it's not getting a whole lot of activity, which makes me a sad thing :(


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